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Residential workshops at ALETEIA International



Integrating  Applied  Psychophysiology
and Biofeedback into Cognitive Therapy

An international workshop in Catania (Sicily), Italy


From Thursday to Sunday – Many times in any year
Please, contact  for knowing the planned sessions.
It is also possible to arrange a workshop for just one person, choosing a date that can be useful for the customer.
Organizing Institution:
ALETEIA International, European School of Cognitive Therapy
Teacher: Prof. Tullio Scrimali and Dr. Nicoletta Lanza(
Language: English   
Scientific program
Applied Neuroscience and Biofeedback constitute two of the most important components among contemporary scientific background. The workshop is focused on demonstrating and treating the important topics concerning how some recent developments of Neuroscience can be today used in order to better the intervention when carrying out a Cognitive Therapy with patients affected by many different mental disorders.
During the workshop two methods, coming from Neuroscience Laboratories, that have been made, by Tullio Scrimali, easily applied to the clinic setting of Cognitive Therapy, will be illustrated. They are Quantitative EEG and Quantitative Electrodermal Activity. Such parameters can be today monitorized in the clinical setting thanks to some new hardware and software which are inexpensive and that can be easily used, after a short training, by any Cognitive Therapist.
Basic information will be given concerning how to use such new methods, when treating patients, affected by many different Mental Disorders, with Cognitive Therapy. Particularly some data will be illustrated about mood, anxiety and eating, disorders, some different kinds of addiction, schizophrenia and mania. More detailed information will be given about Quantitative Monitoring of Electrodermal Activity, a new methods that Tullio Scrimali developed and experimented for many years. This technique is the simplest to be put into practice in Cognitive Therapy and it is also the less expensive.

The second very important topic of the workshop is Biofeedback. Biofeedback is a process that enables people to change various physiological processes, such as heart rate and respiration, for the purposes of improving health and mental health. Biofeedback can be used as an important complement to cognitive and behavioral therapies. This workshop provides a general overview of biofeedback and demonstrates its use in the treatment of various mental disorders. The instructor, Dr. Tullio Scrimali, has developed and tested methods of biofeedback and psychofeedback that can be easily integrated into CBT practice. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the use of MindLAB Set and emerge with basic skills for integrating these methods of self-regulation into work with patients affected by mood, anxiety, eating and schizophrenic disorders

Antother important topic which will be treated is that of integration between Biofeedback and Mindfulness. This topic allows the Cognitive Therapist to realize some new interesting methods of self regulation such as Biofeedback and Biofeedback-Based Mindfulness (BBM).

During the workshop some MindLAB Set will be used and some practical trials, both in the field of assessment and in that of self regulation, will be carried out with the help of some Members of the Audience. Some indications for buying some inexpensive devices for Clinical Psychophysiology, when back to your Country, will be given.
Tullio Scrimali
New methods for assessment, treatment and self-regulation
John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, 2012.

Logistics and Agenda

Thursday:  Arrival to Catania and meeting the ALETEIA Staff at the Catania’s Bellini
                         International Airport. Dinner at the Catania’s ALETEIA Clinical Center.
 Friday:       On day workshop about Neuroscience-Based Cognitive Therapy and
                         the MindLAB Set at Catania’s ALETEIA Clinical Center. You will practice
                         by using some MindLAB Set.
                         Pizza dinner in a nice restaurant.
 SaturdayA free day for visiting some beautiful destinations. In fact there are
                         some different choices you could make, such as:
                   We suggest to download, from this web site the free guide!
      Mountain Etna (
Sunday: Leaving from Catania and traveling back home.
Fee: Euro 700,00
It includes:
  • A reception service at the Catania airport at your arrival managed by the ALETEIA Staff and the transfer from Catania to the airport for departure.

  • Three nights at the nice Breakfast Ortensia (

  • Your first dinner in Catania

  • A pizza dinner in a nice restaurant in Catania

  • A goodbye party with live music and good Sicilian wines

  • Two coffee breaks and a lunch break during the workshop

  • Some didactic materials in electronic format.   

Not included: 
The cost of the excursions scheduled on 29 October. If you decide to stay in Catania, for visiting the town and making some shopping, we will assist you in using the local transportation network. This option is very inexpensive!
Additional opportunities
If interested, you can buy, during your stay, a MindLAB Set ( having a very interesting discount (you will pay just 500,00 Euro in spite of 610,00). So, when back home, immediately you can start to apply some new methods in Cognitive Therapy such as Psychophysiological Assessment and Biofeedback.
If you prefer to enjoy a greater comfort, you can stay at the Sheraton Hotel ( or (less expensive) at Ognina Hotel ( These hotels are very close to the site of the workshop! If interested in this option, we will arrange your stay in one of these hotels (e-mail your request to: In this case we will discount your participation fee of 100 Euro and you will pay your stay directly at the hotel reception when you will check-out.
If you would like to stay, for more days, you could continue your journey at your convenience. The ALETEIA Staff will assist you in planning some more excursions and activities. You could consider, not only those quoted above, we strongly recommend, but also:
Piazza Armerina (Villa Romana del Casale
Agrigento (La Valle dei Templi - 
Palermo the magnificent capital of Sicily when you can find so many treasures of art coming from Norman, Arab and
              Byzantine cultures!

You can attend a telematic version of the workshop reamining at your office. The cost is 300 Euro and the lenght is 10 hours form 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 pm.
Certificate of attendance:  
A certificate of attendance and  an official invoice will be given to every participant.
Mail to: Tullio Scrimali, for   any question. We remain at your disposal! You may also visit the ALETEIA International web site, by opening the link: