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Psychotechnology is the scientific discipline to which Psychotech refers and from which it takes its name.

This contemporary branch of Science focuses its interest on the possible applications of technology to the study of  mind and to treatment of many mental disorders.

In fact, as you can read, with more details, at the menu topic named "Mission of Psychotech", the mission of our Company is to develop new tools for mind, able to make possible to better understand some human mental processes and, when necessary, to cure them.

Psychotech, therefore, develops and make available some new and affordable tools that can be used in the clinical contex, thanks the fact that the skills needed are easyly achievable. The new tools, developed and disseminated by Psychotech, are designed for Clinical Neuroscientists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselor and Coaches.

The new tools, proposed by Psychotech, basically are some advanced, but affordable, hardwares, based on microelectronic, some softwares for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and some new tests, adminestered by computer and elaborated by a PC using specific softwares.

Some Authors, to whom the development of Psychotechnology can be referred, are William Mc Clelland (1972) and Tullio Scrimali (2012).


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