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Mission of Psychotech

Psychotech's mission is allowing the dissemination of  some new methods coming from Applied Psychophysiology and provided by the recent developments in Neurosciences.

This process of dissemination is planned for involving health and education professionals, such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists Psychologists, Professionals involved in the field of Rehabilitation, Pedagogists, Teachers, Coachers working with teams and staffs.
The research, carried out by Tullio Scrimali, at the laboratories of the ALETEIA Centre and at the Institute of Cognitive Science (Istituto Superiore per le Scienze Cognitive), has lead to the development of some hardware and software that has been designed to further this mission.
The goals was to make possible to integrate some new equipment into the psychotherapeutic and rehabilitative settings and also in educational and psycho-educational processes. Another important aim which has been reached is to make this new devices available to Health and Education Professionals at a reasonable price.
The development of MindLAB Set allowed Tullio Scrimali to found a new scientific discipline called: Neuroscience-Based Cognitive Therapy.
On this topic a New book, has been written the book:
Tullio Scrimali - NEUROSCIENCE-BASED COGNITIVE THERAPY- New methods for Assessment, Treatment and Self-regulation. Wiley, Orford, 2012 (see: )
Psychotech is strongly based in Sicily, where all the know-how concerning the equipment and the software has been developed, and where they are continually implemented and up-dated in research laboratories, doctor's surgeries, and diverse clinical contexts, in lecture halls, libraries, and throughout the area, in a continuous collaboration with an extensive top level international network.
The equipment is produced in Sicily in the location that has become famous for its high tech products and nick-named Etna Valley.
Until now one of the main obstacles to the development and to the dissemination of a Neuroscience-Based Cognitive Therapyods were linked to the absence, on the international market, of any hardware and software that were both scientifically valid and available at an affordable price.
Through providing some new hardware and software, able to respects the highest international scientific standards, and also economically viable, Psychotech, has removed this obstacle and made it possible to actuate a biocybernetic setting in every relevant context.