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MindSCAN & Psychofeedback

The following three graphs illustrate the main functions of the MindSCAN programme: The first shows a recording made over eight minutes; the second shows a series of average data from nine sittings made over time by the same patient; the third and last displays a comparison of two conditions of the same patient, presented both as a graph and a histogram. The statistics extracted from the two recordings are also shown.

MindLAB Set Grafico Katane MindLAB Set Grafico Istrogrammi di tutto un caso MindLAB Set Grafico confronto due medie


The graph shown below, comes from the Psychofeedback programme. Note the "Demo" command, top left, relative to the biofeedback session, this is used for training the patient in emotional self-regulation.


MindLAB Set Grafico Psychofeedback