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MindLAB Set, PC & Tablets

 Mindlab Set has been designed to be integrated perfectly with any PC running a Windows operating system, up to version 8.1

The only critical aspect is the screen resolution which shall not be less than 1024x768 pixels.

A notebook, lightweight, and not necessarily very high performant, can be an excellent choice to promote the use of Mindlab Set, in full portability and in any setting.

One option which is particularly interesting, is the one that will be using a "transformer", equipped with touchscreen and keyboard.

For example, the ASUS Transformer Book T100, a device "2-in1," most ultraportable tablet, can be the ideal choice,(see:

In fact, with a very low cost, you can acquire a device, powerful and flexible, to be used as portable PC, with Mindlab Set, and as a touchscreen tablet when necessary and appropriate, for example, when traveling, but not limited, to enjoy dell 'information and entertainment.

Besides that, the touch screen keyboard can be used by the patient during the execution of computerized neuropsychological tests that necessarily foresee the use, as the Cantab Cambridge Cognition (see:

Mindlab Set, along with Cantab, installed on ASUS Transformer Book T100, are a real suite for neuroscience applied in the setting of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology and Rehabilitation.