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MindLAB Set is equipped with an innovative system for displaying data and feedback. Data on display are not linked to the values of the baseline. No balance control is needed!

An innovative aspect of MindLAB Set, due to its built-in software and hardware, is to make possible the elimination of any balancing operation, during the analysis and recording of electrodermal conductance. In the vast majority of the instruments, in use so far, this operation becomes necessary, if the value ​​of recorded conductance goes beyond the range previously set up.

MindLAB Set allows, on the contrary, both the operator and the patient, to look at any variation, of electrodermal conductace without any interruption. In fact, on the visual display, at any moment,  the entire measurement scale (very wide) between 0,1 and 40,00 microsiemens, is visible.

The scale may, in fact, be expanded and compressed, thanks to an electronic and digital zoom mechanism, according to four different magnifications, modified as desired, during recording without interfering with the monitoring and reading of data on different ranges (0-10, 0- 20, 0-30, 0-40 ).

The same positive dynamics, which makes it superfluous any balancing operation, it has been set up also at the level of acoustic feedback. In fact, MindLAB Set is able to provide some accurate information, on the monitored parameter, the electrodermal conductance, under the entire measuring range (0,1 to 40,00 microsiemens), without any interruption.