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MindLAB Set for MAC computers by Apple

Mac computers, since 2006, are equipped with Intel processors (instead of the previous IBM PowerPC).

This made substantially the design of the Mac hardware identical to that of classical Windows PC. Therefore is possible now to equip every Mac computer with Windows using the Boot Camp tool.

This tool, which is integrated into the operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard, provides the user with instructions to take him (or her) step by step to create a partition on the hard drive and then to install a copy of Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Thus, immediately after starting the Mac, and pressing the Option key (ALT) to the left of the spacebar, you can choose which OS to boot, Mac OS X or Windows.

Once you start Windows, you can implement the installation of MS & PFD, proceeding according to the instructions for Windows reported in the manual.