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MindLAB Set can be purchased at this web site.
MindLAB Set, for individual professionals,  costs: 610,00 Euro, delivery included.
The kit contains: hardware - Psychodata Acquisition Unit, Electrodes, and USB lead; software - MindSCAN & Psychofeedback; an exhaustive instruction booklet for using the hardware and software; and the monograph:

Tullio Scrimali

MindLAB Set

Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

ALETEIA Publisher (, Acicastello, 2013.

The monograph includes the Katane database and all the scientific and methodological information necessary for the best clinical use of the new methodologies of Instrumental Psychodiagnostics and Emotional Self-regulation (Scrimali, 2009).

The set is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase, this will be considered as the date on the invoice.


The transaction can be done in two different ways:


Credit transfer by bank

IBAN: IT32L0521626102000004102189

Bic Swift: BPCVIT2S

Account: Psychotech di Scrimali Wioleta Halina c/o Credito Siciliano, Agenzia di Acicastello,  Via Re Martino 171

(95021) Acicastello (Catania), Italy

After having done the money transfer, please, send, a copy of the receipt, by fax, to 0039-095-7127749. MindLAB Set will be sent in thirty days after receiving the fax. Send also, by fax, the following data:

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You can pay using your credit card through the secure system PayPal.

The kit will be dispatched within thirty days of ordering.

MindLAB Set € 610,00