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Adequate Sampling of the EDA signal by MindLAB Set

The quality of monitoring of a psychophysiological index is a parameter for the evaluation of which it is necessary to take into account the cost-benefit ratio. A very fast sampling, carried out at high frequencies, involves the adoption of some very expensive microprocessors and some very sophisticated circuits. The conductance is a "slow" biological parameter and the fastest phasic responses take place over time between 1 and 4 seconds. The digital sampling of the electrdoermal signal, carried out by MindLAB Set, is therefore designed to work at frequencies not too high (4 readings per second, or 4 Hz). By adopting this solution, MindLAB Set can register accurately, all kinds of information, derived from the monitoring of the exosomatic electrodermal activity, such as Skin Conductance Level and any phasic response, spontaneous or evoked by sensory stimuli.